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Fandrop is the hub for you to discover and share any content on the web.

From “About” page on official site:
“You take the coolest experiences of online surfing and drop them all into one spot, you get Fandrop. Fandrop is the place for you to connect with others just like you and share the joy, love, and laughter.
Key features are:
– Save Your Favorite Videos;
– Collect Cool Content;
– Save Awesome Articles;
– Collaborate On Projects;
– Save Webpages;
– Plan A Vacation…”


Excerpted from review article on TechCrunch:
“Fandrop, a new content sharing site, is debuting today to help you find out what’s trending across the web. The site surfaces things like tweets and Facebook posts, YouTube videos, images from sites like imgur, articles, web pages, and more. In some ways, it’s similar to other social networks and social sharing sites, in that you can friend and follow other users, create profiles, build collections of content, and post things you find to the Fandrop platform.

All the content on Fandrop’s site is user-submitted, either through an online form, bookmarklet, or through the import of feeds from Facebook, Twitter, for example.

When you go to the homepage today, it’s a mix of clickable distractions – funny videos, gifs, photos, posts, music videos and more. You can explore different categories such as “celebs,” “tech,” “sports,” or “aww,” the latter which features a lot of cute animal photos and videos. You can also create an account in order to build and share your own collections. When you find something on the site you like, you can vote it up Digg-style, or share it to social networks.

Fandrop is not open to the public yet, but 1,000 TechCrunch readers can get in by using this link:

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