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This is an article looking at the application of thought leadership within pharma as a content marketing tool, providing some tips on how to demonstrate it.

Art Jones‘s insight:

The more things change the more they stay the same. I submitt that from the beginning of time the Thought Leaders (buzz word) have always been people that shared the best information, built the best products and knew how to nurture and support strong relationships, Those people had Klout and influence in their communities. Those people were the thought leaders of their day. 


The American Patriot, Paul Revere was a thought leader in Old New England (see Malcolm Gladwell & Tipping Point) but I don’t think people of the day labled him as such, but he did have Klout. 


So whatever the current buzz word is, whatever lable we ascribe to those people that we allow to influence our decisions, the reality is this, we are all human and the human condition is that we are tribal and want to find the leaders among us (see Seth Godin, The Tribes we lead). 


So if you want to establish Thought Leadership in any industry or endeavour, then LEAD you must.



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