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Health Care Social Media


Anne Marie Cunningham has an excellent post on her blog today on physician burnout and it raises an interesting question.While we encourage patients to tell their stories through blogs and other social media sites, is it appropriate for doctors and other healthcare professionals to follow suit?

Cole and Carlin (2009) write in the Lancet, that burnout is “also a euphemism for what many physicians experience as a crisis of meaning and identity”. One of the solutions is for doctors to be able to tell their stories and to be compassionately and non-judgementally listened to. Can social media have a role in this?

It’s an interesting question and while Anne Marie cites Jonny Tomlinson’s blog and his latest post on the impact that loneliness can have on patients as a positive example, she also points to the satirical The Moderate Doctor as one that raises questions about the appropriateness of doctors…

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