Make Meaning

To Make Meaning:

Six years ago I decided to launch my business. I knew that putting first things first was foundational to success. I began to think about my business plan.

Once I began the business planning process I quickly realized that I could begin from one of two motivations:

Build a business solely to make MONEY
Build a business to make MEANING.

I decided to build a business upon the foundational idea that I would do work that I loved, consistently share my time and bounty of my profits with causes that I support. So, I am absolutely committed to work to make money yes, however I am passionate about helping those that have no voice, no money, no resources and can not help themselves.

So it was in the beginning, when I decided to work with people and brands to:

Make a difference
Plant seeds of innovation and creativity
Help people learn to be resilient & comfortable in the chaos that is our modern marketplace
Always explore new ways to give back

Here are a few of the causes we support

Today, The ART of Inbound Marketing (TAO-IM) is your modern marketing guide, coach and strategic advisor. I am committed to the mantra adopted in our business plan, People Really Matter. I know that if I stay true to the plans ideals, TAO-IM will continue to make meaning while positively effecting the upward trajectories of businesses, the people who power them, while helping those in our world that are powerless.


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