Arthur (Art) Jones diverse career reflects a passion for a job well done and zest for continual learning.

During Art’s career he worked for several Forbes 2000 companies, Xerox, Document Sciences, INSCI and Clarus Corp. Each company inserted Art smack dab in the middle of the ever-changing content creation and information distribution landscape. Ask Art and he will tell you how Xerox is as important to the history of communication as the Quill Pen, Guttenberg Press, Telegraph or Telephone. Each of those technologies was a radical departure from what came before and completely changed the way people communicated and the speeds that they could share information.

Whenever a new innovative technology has been introduced civilization has advanced and society changed in the process. Today, change comes along everyday. Each of us and every business has the opportunity to adapt or not. When we are resilient and open to change we adapt and grow with each successive wave of change. When we resist change we risk being left behind. Think about the buggy whip makers business prospects vs. the delivery of the first automobiles. Each buggy whip business owner had a choice, adapt to the prospect of an impending change in transportation or die as a business, we know what happened. Today each of us must be prepared to make those same decisions.

Art’s has always been a technologist. Technologist and the technologies that serve them have always thrived on change. First there was Moore’s Law where in a paper wirtten in 1965 it was written that the number of transistors on integrated circuits would double about every two years. The period often quoted as “18 months”. Thus ART has seen change after change after change during his 30+ years as a technologist. He now has the ability to see patterns within the waves of change and best case see a few years into the future and anticipate change. Mostly Art is content to simply be resilient and able to adapt and harness the change and use it to his advantage.

Lessons learned during Art’s career:

Be authentic
Hire the best
Build strong teams
Listen to the marketplace
Create corporate culture where people are free to innovate, create and make magic for clients
Honor the Power of Words for they can change the fortunes of people and businesses
Be resilient, the pace of the always on and connected world will continue to quicken
Last and perhaps most important always remember, whatever we do “People Really Matter”.