A healthcare innovator’s guide to must-know tech terms for the next decade of medicine

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From artificial intelligence to natural language to processing to MEMS, here are some technologies that will change the future of healthcare.

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79% of PR Pros Believe Video is Underutilized [Infographic]


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According to a survey of PR professionals recently conducted by PR News and PR Newswire, the  use of visuals in public relations campaigns is poised for an increase: the overwhelming majority (76%) of people surveyed plan to use more visual storytelling elements in their communications in 2014.

An even larger majority of communications pros (79%) noted that video is underutilized in PR messaging.  However, the survey also revealed that PR has increasing control over the budget for the creation of multimedia content.

PRNewswire_PRNews_Multimedia_Survey_2013“It’s interesting that the budgets are now evenly split between PR and marketing,” Kevin West, PR Newswire/Multivu senior vice president of multimedia, said in the report published by PR News. “The fact is encouraging because there’s always been this perception that marketing always had control of budgets, so it presents an opportunity for PR people.”

Despite the relatively scant use of video in PR messaging, those surveyed noted that video content is effective at driving…

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Quick Video Tips from Experts at the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit [Creator’s Tip #105]

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At the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit, we asked some of the experts, who just-so-happened to be walking around, what kind of tips they would give to creators when they’re launching their videos.

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This video presents a series of experts that provide their perspective on what’s the best video marketing tip to follow. 


The one I liked best was (I paraphrase): "Make calls to action beneficial to viewer, not your brand. Think what’s in it for the viewer to subscribe, then tell them in your calls to action".

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Knight Talk: David Sarno

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What happens when a print reporter who spent hours playing video games as a kid starts thinking about new ways to tell stories? David Sarno shows us in this …

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David Sarno says: "Of all the senses, why emphasize touch? It activates a large part of your brain that we’ve never used to tell people’s stories. It has the power to engage peoples’ minds and attention that other media have not been able to do until now.”

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Online Merchants Seeing Greater Dividends From Paid Than Organic Search Traffic

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The online merchants who comprise the MarketLive Performance Index are enjoying the rewards of their greater investments in paid search, according to [download page] a new

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Ladies and gentlemen start your PPC engines because the survey says "Paid Search" is driving more revenue than organic.

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We have the potential to have the best health care system in the world

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What I’m describing could easily be taken as the finest health care system in the world.

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This is an article authored by KevinMD. He always writes thoughtful and insightful commentary on how he views the delivery of healthcare in the US.


Here is an excerpt from his latest excellent article: 


"What I’m describing could easily be taken as the finest health care system in the world.


We have such potential. For all my complaints here, we have the best trained health care workforce in the world. Our facilities are top notch. Our technology is amazing, as are our medications. The problem is that the way it’s organized and distributed doesn’t work well at all. It’s like we took the world’s best and most complicated Lego set and let a small child put it together without the instructions".

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Doctors are conflicted about sharing discharge summaries with patients

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Whether it lasted hours or months, every hospital stay is chronicled in that one final document.

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We can only hope that more practictioners and hospitals alike embrace this trend with the goal of creating smoother transitions for all patients.

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